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Professional Vehicle, Equipment and Machinery Valuation Services

We are a professional vehicle, equipment and machinery Valuation Company with the right expertise and modern application of technology to deliver globally acceptable and verifiable valuation outcomes for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We offer a myriad of valuation services to clients across diverse sectors. They include government entities, privately held companies, law firms, banks, investment organizations and insurance companies among others.


Engineer’s Assessment of Vehicles for Loans/Collaterals

Are you a financial institution offering auto loans and wanting to know the value of a vehicle for collateral? We are your solution.


Fleet Valuation Report

We provide expert report on fleet of vehicles for financial institutions.


Vehicle Asset Valuation

Are you merging companies or thinking of liquidating your company? We are your solution in providing professional valuation of your assets

vehicle asset valuation

Vehicle Maintenance Allowance

Are the vehicles for your staff mechanically sound for use in vehicle maintenance allowance claims? You can rely on us for a professional assessment.


Asset Manager’s Valuation Report

Are you an asset manager and want a professional, independent assessment of the value of your vehicles, equipment and machinery? We are your solution.

asset manager report

Valuation for Disposals and Auctioning

Are you in the process of auctioning your company vehicles or thinking of disposing of them? We provide you professional valuation services for your vehicles and equipment.

Valuation for Disposals and Auctioning

Road Contractors and Agricultural Machines

Are you into construction and agricultural services, we help you know the value of your machinery, both serviceable and non-serviceable

agric and road construction machinery

Manufacturing Machinery Valuation

Are you running a manufacturing concern and have no idea the worth of your machinery? We help you know the value of your assets.


Company Annual financial Statement

Are you in the process of conducting your annual financial report? We help you know the exact contribution of your vehicles, equipment and machinery to your financial report.

annual financial statement

Land and Real Estate Valuation

Do you want to know the value of your land or property? We got you covered.

 land and real estate

Aircraft Valuation

We provide expert valuation report on aircrafts .

Railway Valuation

We provide expert valuation report on rail lines.

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